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July Meetup: Community AI Demos

This event happened in the past.
Thursday, July 11th
5:30PM to 8PM (CDT)
Padawan (5th floor)
701 Brazos Street, Austin, TX Directions...
45 / 50
50 max

This event happened in the past.

Join us for our July AI Tinkerers meetup in Austin, where we’ll showcase the latest innovations and experiments from our community of active builders and practitioners in AI and large language models (LLMs).

Date: Thursday, July 11, 2024

Time: 5:30 PM - 8 PM

Location: Capital Factory, Downtown Austin, TX

Event Highlights

  • Community Demos: Witness cutting-edge AI projects and experiments from fellow Tinkerers
  • Networking: Connect with like-minded AI practitioners and builders
  • Technical Discussions: Dive deep into the challenges and solutions in AI development

Who Should Attend?

This meetup is exclusively for practitioners who are actively building and working with foundation models, such as LLMs and generative AI. If you’re deeply passionate about creating LLM-enabled applications and have hands-on experience in building such systems, this event is for you.

Remember, AI Tinkerers is not for those looking to enter the field, individuals seeking to market their services, or investors aiming to connect with prospective founders. We maintain a strong focus on active builders to foster an environment of trust, transparency, and cooperation.

Demo Submissions

Interested in showcasing your work? We’re looking for technical demonstrations of novel and interesting projects you’ve built. Your demo should be around 5 minutes long and dive straight into the technical aspects of your project. No pitches or slides - just pure, hands-on demonstrations of your work.

To apply for a demo slot, please register for the event and then submit your proposal through the demo submission form.

Event Stats

118 members: AI/ML - 27.63%, Full-Stack Engineering - 21.05%, Data Science - 15.79%, Entrepreneurship - 7.89%, Management - 7.89% IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, Torc Robotics, Autonomize AI, Stealth Startup, Cerfe Labs, Caelimatic, and more 4 demos have been submitted and 3 have been presented. The demos explore various cutting-edge topics such as long context sequence training with Deepspeed, conversational AI with LLMs, procedural generation with AI agents, and showcasing open-source contributions. The top-rated demos include Morgan Carroll's showcase of conversational AI using TJBot, and Dan Manning's presentation on Pixel Valley, an AI-powered procedural generation village creation tool.

Testimonials from Previous Meetups

Showcase of Previous Demos



Spaces are limited and we curate attendees to ensure a high-quality experience for all. Make sure to fill out your profile with detailed information and include all your social profile links to help you stand out to the organizers.

RSVP for the July Meetup

Remember, AI Tinkerers is all about active collaboration, experimentation, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with AI and LLMs. We look forward to seeing you and your groundbreaking work!

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